Leicestershire Fly Fishing Association Fun Days 2007

Elinor - 8th July 2007

Pitsford Water - 25th August 2007

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The Leicestershire Fly Fishing Association held a 'fun' day at Elinor on Sunday 8th July.  There was a good turnout of members who had a very enjoyable day, even though the fishing proved to be a little difficult for some. 

It is general policy of the association that details of each individual's returns on 'fun' days are not published so as to encourage as many members to take part as possible without worry as to their efforts being made public.  I can however report that my boat partner (Norman Sketchley) and I did manage to boat our share of the fish, doing especially well before lunch. 

Most members met up for lunch at the 'lodge' at around 1pm and enjoyed the usual banter whilst eating lunch and taking on board some light liquid refreshments, although some did partake of Richard's homemade wine (not sure what became of them, they probably slept through the afternoon session).

Trying different tactics in the afternoon resulted in a reduced catch rate although several rises were missed.

I was determined to catch on a 'dry' but I was found lacking in the skills department.

We resisted the temptation of drifting along the bank where a stocking had taken place earlier in the day and after a shortish session retired for an early tea.

Thanks for the company Norman and thanks toi Derek for organising the day.

Afloat at Pitsford

I took part in amnother 'Fun' day at Pitsford Water on 25th August, this time my boat partner was Rob Brookes, whom I had not met previously.  Both being somewhat novices to boat fishing we decided to anchor  near to the dam, just outside the boundary of the boils.  The sunny day did not help as we both preferred to fish a floating/intermediate line, however we did manage to boat some fish (and miss many others) but we had the better sport when we tried drifting.

Unfortunately, due to a previous appointment (and  suffering from back pains) I had to finish early so I do not know how others faired.  I suspect that those who fished deep wit lures did better than ourselves, but then it's not always the number you catch that make the day (so I'm told).  Thanks for a pleasant day Rob, I hope to join you on the Welland soon.

Thanks again to Derek for organising the day.