LFFA Members' Fly Dressings
... series by Adrian V. W. Freer

(reproduced from a series originally published in the LFFA monthly Newsletter some years ago)
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Most keen home fly dressers produce their own individually designed flies, or modify existing patterns, some of which prove to be very successful and are useful additions to the fly box.  In view of the vast wealth of knowledge and experience possessed by the membership of the LFFA, it would be a great pity for this to be wasted.  With this in mind it seemed to be a good idea that if members could be persuaded to pass on the results of their time and energy, both at the fly dressing bench and on the water, then this could be reproduced for other angler’s benefit.

Like most things in life, the idea is not a new one, indeed both Tom Stewart and Richard Walker did something in a very similar vein in the columns of Trout and Salmon on a regular basis, and both series continued for many years.  Eventually the dressings were reproduced in book form.  Such a feature gives all of us who tie our own flies something to copy at the vice during the dark winter months, and hopefully enable us to tie something that will help us to catch a few more fish into the bargain as well!

Grateful thanks are given to all who have contributed flies for this series.

The following are links to the patterns:
1.  Shuck Fly
9.  White Viva
2.  Ginger Emerger
10. Flexi-Buzzer
3.  Roach Fry (Minkie)
11. Amber Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear
4.  Olive Corixa
12. Ray's Red
5.  Damsel Fly Variant
13. RG's Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear
6.  Silver Glo-brite Flasher (Mini Lure)
14. Fluorescent Yellow Nymph
7.  Holographic Buzzer
15. Rabbit Fur Sedge
8.  The H.S. (Hanningfield Special)
16. Tagged Black Spider

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