LFFA Members' Fly Dressings
... series by Adrian V. W. Freer

The H.S. (Hanningfield Special)
contributed by Andy Miller

H.S. (Hanningfield Special)

Kamasan B175 size:  6 - 10
Tying Thread:
Marabou - layers of White/Green/Orange
Pearl Fritz
3 strands either side (back to back) Silver holographic tinsel (6 in total)
Silver bead to suit hook size
Comments: This fly incorporates similarities with the well known Appetiser in colouration. 

Several years ago on one of our famous coach trips to Hanningfield with the lads of the LFFA, I and young John Miller (as he was then) were struggling for a take, let alone a fish.  I had tied these flies the evening before, and as a trial I decided to fish one on a intermediate line.  It was a very bright and windy day on Hanningfield but this fly was nothing short of brilliant.  We slaughtered fish, and it has saved many a day since. 

I use it in preference to Waggies. 

Tie one and try it!

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