LFFA Members' Fly Dressings
... series by Adrian V. W. Freer
Holographic Buzzer
contributed by Graham Herbert

Holographic Buzzer

Kamasan B175 size 10
Tying Thread:
Roman Moser Black Power Silk
Red Holographic Tinsel
Roman Moser Black Power Silk
Roman Moser Black Power Silk
Red Holographic Tinsel
Comments: Catch in the thread and run down in tight turns to the bend of the hook, catch in the red tinsel and tie 4 turns and tie off, continue winding the thread back to behind the eye. 

Build up a neat head and catch in the tinsel again on either side of the head to form the cheeks and tie off.

Apply two coats of Sally Hansen ‘Hard As Nails’ Varnish, and the job is done.

This fly has proved to be a good fish catcher on all the major waters in 2001!

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