LFFA Members' Fly Dressings
... series by Adrian V. W. Freer
No. 5
Damsel Fly Variant
contributed by Wendy Gibson (Flies by Wendy)

Damsel Nymph

Size 10 Longshank
Tying Thread:
2 or 3 Olive Biots
Olive Ostrich with Olive Floss over in Segments
Olive Ostrich with Olive Floss Wing Case, with six legs of Biots spaced evenly
Green with Green Bead Eyes
Comments: The body is created by winding ostrich, but folding the floss forward and backward to create segments and build up thickness of body.

Tie in floss (four strands of normal floss), tie in ostrich, wind ostrich to ¼ of body (2/3 turns).  Bring over floss, tie down, working forward to thorax area.  Fold back floss and ostrich back to the first segment, and repeat above for second segment.  Repeat again for 2 more segments, so four in total are created in the body area.

Repeat similar for thorax, but wing case tied in one over thorax.

Ostrich is tied in 3 segments, tying in the biots for the legs as you go.

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