LFFA Members' Fly Dressings
... series by Adrian V. W. Freer

Olive Corixa
contributed by Arthur Cove

Olive Corixa

Hook: Any good quality, size 10, 12 or 14
Tying Thread:
Any colour available
Silver Wire
Single strand of White Baby Wool
Good quality small Olive
Olive dyed Swan or similar
Comments: I tie this version very slim, with two or three turns of the rib at the rear end of the main dressing, like a tag.

When wet it is a very heavy fly for its size, which of course makes it an ideal point fly. 

It can be used with confidence from both bank and boat. 

It is a simple dressing that gets very good results.

A variation is tied with a pheasant tail shellback and a brownish hackle, both are equally effective.

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