LFFA Members' Fly Dressings
... series by Adrian V. W. Freer

Tagged Black Spider
contributed by Geoff Allsop

Tagged Black Spider

Kamasan B175 or Wee Double size 16, 14 or 12, (best size 14)
Tying Thread:
Olive or Black Cobweb
as a tag, Fluorescent Green or Orange
Holographic Silver
Black Silk
Black Hen
Finish with Black Nail Varnish
Comments: Run thread to the bend of hook, tie in tag tail, and catch in silver rib and black silk. 

Run silk and rib back to the eye, leaving room to tie hackle, and tie off.
Tie in hackle, give three turns, tie in and whip finish and add a black varnish head.

A great fly to try when trout are becoming shy of lures.  It gave excellent results at Draycote in 2002.  It is a simple and effective pattern for the inexperienced or infirm fly tyer.

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