LFFA Members' Fly Dressings
... series by Adrian V. W. Freer

Rabbit Fur Sedge
contributed by Syd Sharratt

Rabbit Fur Sedge

Kamasan B175 size 16 - 10 (best size 14)
Tying Thread:
Olive or Brown
Gold Thread
Wild Rabbit Fur (including guard hair), picked out
as Body (make body fur thicker or carrot shaped)
Dark Pheasant Hen Tail (rolled), not beyond bend
Finish with Black Nail Varnish
Experiment with tails on larger sizes, and try     orange or green thoraxes
Comments: Run thread down to bend, catch in gold thread, add dubbing wax to thread, and dub on plucked wild rabbit fur, trying to get a few black guard hairs in and making a carrot shape. 

Bring the gold rib up, about 3 turns on a size 14. 

Take some dark hen pheasant tail, not centre feather, roll and tie in along the back of the hook, whip finish, and add a black nail varnish head.

Pick out fur with a needle or Velcro.

A simple fly to tie which imitates hoglice, shrimps, sedges, or corixae.

Fishes dry or wet, deep or near the surface in the film.  Fish it fast, slow or still.

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