LFFA Members' Fly Dressings
... series by Adrian V. W. Freer

Ray's Red
contributed by Wendy Gibson (Flies by Wendy)

Ray's Red

12 Longshank, (leaded optional)
Tying Thread:
Tail: Brown Marabou – very sparse
In 3 Segments:
1st - Orange cactus for ¼ of the  hook (2 turns),
2nd - Brown marabou dubbed for ¼ of the hook,
3rd - Orange fluorescent wool with Ginger palmered hackle over rest of hook
Black thread (or can be tied with a Goldhead at the head)
Comments: Can be fished as an emerger (non weighted) in the surface film.  When fished as a Goldhead, deep in the early season, it fishes very well.  It also fishes successfully on a floating line on early summer evenings.  It has been a well proven fly over the last 4 years.  When all else fails, try this one!

This fly got the nickname of ‘Wendy’s Windup’ as one of my students asked me for a fly to use when all else failed, so we gave him a Ray’s Red.  The other students said, “If you want  to go fishing, don’t use that fly”.  What they meant was that if you want to go for a day’s fishing, don’t use the fly, as you can catch too quickly, and you don’t get a day’s fishing, you may only get an hour or so!

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