LFFA Members' Fly Dressings
... series by Adrian V. W. Freer
Flexi Buzzer
contributed by Bob Huggett

Flexi buzzer

Kamasan B110 or B175 size  10, 12 or 14
Tying Thread:
Flexi Floss Black and White
Wing buds:
Orange Goose Biots
Flexi Floss Black
Comments: Use only White silk so that the colours show through. 

Any colour can be used – experiment! 

When body has been completed and tied off, cut off the white Flexi Floss and build up head with Black. 

The biots should be tied in before the head is built up, and tied in loosely and gently, and then tied off. 

When completed, coat with 2 coats of Hard as Nails or Superglue. 

To fish deeply, tie on a carp hook.

Fishing tips:- Fish as you would normally with buzzers.  If there are no takes, try the ‘Lift and Drop’ method.  Slow stripping also works, as does the ‘washing line’ method.

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